About Us

United Ekta brought fresh ideas, products, and new technology to the forefront with the legacy of rich experience since last six decades. The new generation gave a strong impetus to the overall business and was also able to establish the new brand -UCOOK in the market with a promise of “ Ummeed se Zyaada”.

UCOOK : Umeed se Zyaada

The genesis of UCOOK heralded transformation through modernization and innovation to the traditional setup. UCOOK brought fresh ideas, products and new technology at the forefront. The last few years of investment in UCOOK has brought in a new charge in the cookware category. UCOOK is now a formidable brand for cookware and Kitchenware in India and countries like Canada, Mauritius, Nepal, Srilanka, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Indian Consumer space:

Since our inception, we at UCOOK believe in leading the market with the new innovation and constant improvement to provide best of the products to our consumers.

About Us

With the idea to get established in the market and to sustain for eternity, we always understand the need of the market and our responsibility towards the society. This philosophy gave us the strength to take this tough decision at that time, to manufacture our own products and on the other hand create employment to contribute to the Indian economy. The positioning was done on two strong platforms, one, quality and second, value for money. This unique positioning established United as a brand of choice for the masses.

UCOOK brought the affordable pressure cooker to every household and soon became a basic necessity. The journey which started with few sizes of inner lid cooker reached to a level where we have a wide spread of a most innovative and latest range of cookers starting from 1 Litre to 32 Litres in Inner lid cookers and up to 40 Litres in outerlidcookers. Hard work and patience of promoters along with a strong team of Marketing professionals, designers and technicians have drafted the success story for UCOOK.

The senior management at UCOOK established a very simple and strong vision for the company:

Happy Customer
Happy Customer
Happy Employee
Happy Employee
Happy Vendor
Happy Vendor
As a TEAM, we are always Happy and Young.
Core Value


United Ekta targets to be among the top three Cookware and Kitchenware companies in the next five years and clock a profitable turnover of 500 Crores by 2024-2025; and our new generation brand UCOOK, will be the major contributor.


To be a Happy Company.


The vision of United Ekta is to be a “Happy Company”. The vision translates to: Happy Customers, Happy Employees, Happy Vendors and Happy Shareholders. Of course, Happy Customers are our core objective and this all achieved by having some great associates and partners... The core objective of Happy Customers is possible only by delighting our consumers and hence the Philosophy of United Ekta is to deliver exceptional value to the end consumers. This philosophy is delivered by providing innovative products with far better features than the competition and then giving them at price which is a surprise for the end consumer.

Trusted brand with  60 years of experience

Trusted brand with
60 years of experience.

Available across India with robust delivery

Available across India with
robust delivery.

100% Genuine Cooker and Cookware

100% Genuine
Cooker and Cookware
Made in India.

Assured warranty & service

warranty & service.

Innovative fresh approach

fresh approach.

Cash on Delivery available

Cash on
Delivery available